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January 5, 2017 – 03:25 pm
Greek Childrens Art Museum

Travel to the ruins of ancient greeceGreece is not only beautiful with its ocean landscapes, distinct architecture and delectable food, but it’s also incredibly affordable. Things costs half what they do in other parts of Europe. As one of the continent’s most popular destinations during the summer times, people from around the world flock to its famous islands for the sun, and to the cities for the history. I love Greece. It’s warm; it’s cheap; it has delicious food, beautiful islands, and lively and friendly locals. It’s the perfect summer destination.

Typical Costs

Accommodation – Depending on the area of Greece you are traveling to, hostels will cost 10-30 EUR for dorms and 45-60 EUR for private rooms per night – less in Athens more on expensive islands like Mykonos. During the off-season, most rooms are around the 25 EUR range. Budget hotels begin around 40 EUR for a twin bed room. On islands such as Mykonos, rooms begin around 55 EUR per night. Expect to pay double during peak season (July and August) on the islands.

Food – Greece is known for its food. Restaurants will cost about 20 EUR for a nice dinner, even in the tourist area. If you add wine, expect to pay about 30 EUR. A meal at a very luxurious restaurant will begin at 30 EUR. A whole fish is about 18 EUR. If you really want to eat cheap, eat gyros (like kebabs). A Gyro is around 3 EUR and will easily fill you up. Most cafes will cost you around 11 EUR for a meal. Buying your own groceries will cost around 36 EUR per week. It’s easy to eat cheap in Greece.

Transportation – Because Greece has a lot of islands, you will be dealing with lots ferries and boats. Expect to spend an average of 36 EUR per a trip, though you could spend as little as 12 EUR if the islands are really close together. From Athens, most ferries to the islands costs around 60 EUR. Slow, overnight island ferries begin at 13 EUR. Buses and trains around the mainland are around 20 EUR. It’s 1.20 EUR for a single ride on the Athens train system.

Activities – Visiting the ancient sites around the country will cost between 12-24 EUR for a ticket. Island activities (kayaking, parasailing, banana boats) will cost between 22-45 EUR. You can rent ATVs for a day for around 20 EUR and diving trips being around 72 EUR.

Money Saving Tips

Eat super cheap – Gyros and other street snacks only cost a few Euros and can keep you full for less than 10 EUR per day.

Rent a moped – When you can’t ride the train, rent a moped. It’s cheaper than a car and a great way to see the various towns and cities. You can usually rent a moped for around 14 EUR per day.

Get off the beaten path – Greece is a cheap country and even cheaper when you get out of the touristy Greek islands or popular destinations. Head off the beaten path and you will usually see prices drop by 30% or more.

Book overnight ferries – Greece’s inter-island ferries can get quite expensive if you are visiting a lot of them. Taking the overnight ferries can save you up to half off the normal price plus save you a night of accommodation.

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Touring Athens, Greece? | Yahoo Answers

Acropolis and its surrounding antiquities of Thision and Agora is a days tour.Plaka and Monastiraki can easily be the activity of the evening.
Museums, Archaeological, Benaki, are the second day's work. Syntagma for the change of the guards and a stroll down Ermou Street to Psiri during the evening.
A visit to any of the Saronic Islands, e.g. Spetses or Hydra is a different view of Greece.
A day visit to Delphi is also an idea to pass one more day.
The cost of all those can be within a limited budget depending of food allowances.

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