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9 Views in Greece That Blew My Mind
October 30, 2021 – 03:25 pm
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travel greece viewI’m going to go out on a limb here and make a bold statement; every inch of Greece is beautiful – and not just your regular run of the mill beautiful, I’m talking jaw-droppingly, wow-inducing, mind-blowingly beautiful.

How many other countries can say that?

Of my two weeks in Greece this summer, I was not disappointed or let down once. Every single place I stopped was memorable and gorgeous. Wait, I take that back. The 6 hours I spent by accident at the bus station in Lamia on my way to Athens was not so beautiful. I guess you can’t always win.

That being said, I’ve been a lot of places, and nowhere was as consistently pretty as Greece. Hands down.

travel greece viewAlso it should be mentioned that I intentionally skipped the traditionally most scenic and popular islands in Greece, like Mykonos and Santorini, in an attempt to get off the beaten tourist track.

Before I arrived in June, I intended to hit up Santorini, and following my dreams of falling in love with a rugged Greek fisherman a la Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. However, logistically-speaking, getting to Santorini on the route I was planning would have been an expensive nightmare and it would have meant I would have spent 2 full days just getting there and back by boat.

No time to waste here, people!

Secondly, I have now had not one, but TWO friends get engaged on Santorini lately, and to be blunt, I just was not in the mood to experience the “romance” all by myself surrounded by smoochy couples making out under the famous Santorini sunsets. Um, no thank you.

Thirdly, I just wanted to have some peace and quiet in Greece, visit some smaller, more “local” spots, make friends, learn some Greek, and relax. Santorini being as popular as it is, I seriously doubt that would have been my experience there mid-summer.

travel greece view travel greece view travel greece view travel greece view
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