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10 top tips for a dream honeymoon in Santorini
December 11, 2014 – 09:17 am
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1. Pre-book your airport transferWith the blue of the sky, the aquamarine of the sea, and the white of traditional stone buildings, Santorini really is a picture perfect island of the most sophisticated proportions. This classic Greek island sits in the southern Aegean Sea, and the largest of its archipelago, it bears the same name as the volcano which breathed life into its existence. A true paradise extracted from the Caldera of destruction; Santorini is a tale of romance, the perfect setting for honeymoon couples.

But like any tourist destination in the world, no matter how beautiful or dreamlike, there are plenty of things you’ll need to bear in mind before you travel.2. Explore the smaller islands If you are honeymooning in the gorgeous island of Santorini, here are 10 invaluable tips to help you plan your stay.

Pre-book your airport transfer

Santorini Airport is extremely busy, and with over 400, 000 passengers passing through a year, long queues can be expected when waiting for a taxi. Many flights to Santorini need to change over at Athens so remember that you’re likely to be feeling jet-lagged by this point; pre-book to make your transfer as seamless and cost effective as possible.

Explore the smaller islands

The islands of the Cyclades archipelago are truly spectacular and extremely romantic. Santorini is a great base but spend a couple of undisturbed nights away on one of the smaller islands such as Naxos or Folegandros to escape the crowds.

3. Book ahead for fine diningBook ahead for fine dining

Most restaurants are very relaxed on the island. But if you’re looking for that ‘special occasion’ venue, somewhere with a real difference, make sure you book ahead. Restaurants such as Selene in Pýrgos village, Psaraki Vlyháda on Vlyháda seafront, or Dimitris in Ammoudi are fantastic for a romantic evening.

Discover the best seafood in the world

For those who appreciate good seafood, a delicate dish of oysters is a wonderfully romantic gesture – and also a great aphrodisiac. Explore the best seafood of the island and be sure to get a seafront location to enjoy the views as you dine.

Don’t be pressured into restaurants

The Kamari strip and Fira are notorious for pressganging customers into restaurants so be careful not to get dragged into restaurants without having a thorough look at the menu. Santorini is a place of extremes when it comes to dining. You will find everything from cheap gyros to gourmet creations, so always be sure to check out menus and prices.

4. Discover the best seafood in the world 5. Dont be pressured into restaurants 6. Watch the Oia sunset 7. Book into a spa hotel
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Popular Q&A
what are the homes in santorini, greece made of? | Yahoo Answers

Stone. In particular, the volcanic stone of Santorini. Some of them, at the back side, are carved into the rock, because the rock is soft, and they could dig into it. The exterior is covered by lime plaster or just many limewashes.
BTW, please don't answrr things you don't know people. Clay, bricks and wood? There has never been any use of these materials in Santorini, from ancient years, because of their lack and because of the abundance of light and soft stone that was appropriate and easy to use, even for vaults.

Does anyone know the recent home price sales on Santorini homes.

Hello Julian and thanks for your question.
It appears that Santorini in San Ramon does not have any inventory to sell at this time. In looking at Brookfield's website, they have an "interest list" but no further information about inventory. If you would like more information about the available homes at Santorini, contact Sharon Gentry, one of the sales staff at Santorini, at
If you would like to work with an experienced agent to represent you in your home purchase, please feel free to call. As a facilitator, I can save you thousands of dollars on your…

How much would it cost to build a home in Santorini, Greece? | Yahoo Answers

How much would it cost? Not much when compared to what you'd pay to do something similar in the States. Why not just buy an existing home? Anyway, of course if you're looking at this as an investment property (as you state in your question), I can guarantee you that the home would be booked out solid during the summer season for sure, and most likely year-round. Whatever costs you'd incur would probably be made back within a couple of years. You can gouge foreigners looking for places on the islands; everybody else does it already.
If you need a property manager/superintendant, just le…

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