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Ritz-Carlton & Bulj Al Arab Are Worse Than You Think
October 1, 2015 – 03:18 pm
The Ritz-Carlton truly offers

miamiThe world is a wonderland filled to the brim with breathtaking places you rarely see at home. Amazing mountain peaks, ski resorts, serene lakes, paradise beaches, and beautiful parks litter the planet. We all deserve a break once in a while. A holiday trip to some of the world’s great places is just what we might need to recharge our batteries and flush the stress of our daily routines out from our systems.

But that being said, there are also those nooks and corners in the world that are advertised as awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping but can be a real downer the moment you reach your destination. To make matters worse, most of this luxurious holidays cost a fortune.

Now, if you are planning to get a holiday trip for you and your loved ones, better check the world’s top 10 most disappointing luxurious holiday destinations below to help you decide where you want to go and really get the best out of your vacation.

10. The Setai Penthouse (Miami, Florida)

When you hear Miami, Florida or the Setai Penthouse and you are not from Miami, you will most likely create mental pictures of white sand beaches, big waves, and the smell of the sea invading your olfactory senses. Unfortunately, a $30, 000 per night stay at the Setai Penthouse won’t change the fact that Miami South Beach is not cleaned often and seaweed brought by waves usually provides sharp contrast to the fine white sand.

9.The Lanesborough Hotel Royal Suite (London, UK)

London is a very popular city, teeming with cultural milestones and shining with huge historical significance. In the heart of the city is the Lanesborough Hotel Royal Suite, where you can experience royalty treatment for just $13, 000 a night. But even with London’s importance to the history of the medieval and modern world, vacationing in the city can be a bad idea. Homeless people roam the streets, the food is average, and sanitation issues plague the city.

london8. The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Staying at the famed Hugh Hefner Sky Villa will cost you more than , 000 a night. And though you may plan to have a great time in Las Vegas, there is nothing to do there other than gamble and get married to a total stranger. You can’t expect anything else. After all, you are in the middle of a desert.

7. Bulj Al Arab (Dubai, UAE)

The Bulj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE is undoubtedly the most recognizable landmark in all of Dubai. The luxurious hotel towers above everything else in this magnificent Arab city. But even with a $20, 000 a night price tag, many visitors still complain of the hotel’s absence of culture as most hotel employees are immigrant workers who long to return to their home countries.

6. Hôtel Plaza Athénée (Paris, France)

Arguing that Paris is not the most romantic city in the world is a futile exercise. Love is certainly in the air in this city all year long, day in, day out. But that is what many of us are led to believe. Even a stay in the ritzy Hôtel Plaza Athénée won’t mask the fact that streets of Paris are littered with homeless people and street thieves roam the city at night. For a , 000 a night stay at the hotel, the whole projection of love and romance Paris flaunts can be a real disappointment.

lasvegas5. President Wilson Hotel (Geneva, Switzerland)

For , 000 a night, you can stay at the famed President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland. While you will be treated to a life of luxury during your stay, the fact remains that you are in Geneva. The city is dirty and the people are always busy. Another thing, you are in a place where marijuana and prostitution is very legal. Unless you are into such things, then Geneva should not be a part of your holiday destinations

4. Prestigious Faena Hotel (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

One of the most ritzy hotels in the whole of Argentina, a stay at the Prestigious Faena Hotel costs $100, 000. And that is just the F Suite. But while the price tag will make you set high expectations, you are likely to find them significantly unmet. For one, you are staying in Buenos Aires where crime is happening everywhere. Two, getting stuck in a traffic jam is not a way to spend the holiday.

3. Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens, Greece)

$35, 000 a night will get you a villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi. But with such amount, you will probably have greater time and a greater vacation somewhere else. Robbery is high even at broad daylight. And while Athens is indeed a very historical location, spending such money for a vacation might not be a good move.

2. The Ritz-Carlton (Moscow, Russia)

The Ritz-Carlton truly offers visitors a taste of the high life Russian style for a price that ranges from $15, 000 to $20, 000 a night. However, the city of Moscow is a warzone between gangs, the Russian Mafia, and the Russian government. It is not common to see tourists getting caught in the crossfire or worse, ending up dead in the streets.

1. Westin Excelsior (Rome, Italy)

At the heart of Rome is the swanky Westin Excelsior, where a night’s stay will cost you no less than $30, 000. The hotel will certainly provide you with the luxury you are paying for. But being in the heart of Rome, luxury only stays with the walls of the hotel. Even with its majestic history, the modern Rome has a lot of ugly sides you don’t see in TV commercials and brochures – heavily congested roads, street violence, and overwhelming dirt will make you shake your head in disappointment and disgust.

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