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February 6, 2020 – 10:20 am
Greece Adventure Travel

The beauty of Greece speaks for itself. The name alone brings to mind images of gorgeous white buildings, heavenly islands, ancient ruins, delicious food and stunning beaches that shimmer as the sun slowly sets over the deep blue Mediterranean. With its obvious beauty paired with a deep-rooted history visible everywhere you go it’s no wonder that Greece has always been the perfect place to escape to for both travellers and vacation seekers alike.

Where It All Began for Us

Back in the year 2000, Free & Easy Traveler first began as a travel company running backpacking trips to Greece. The carefree and easy-going way of living found in the Greek Islands is what inspired the entire concept of the company. Off the beaten path locations, inexpensive prices, friendly locals, fascinating history, a fun and vibrant traveler scene, delicious food, hot and sunny weather, and gorgeous scenery are all things we strive to have in our trips and Greece has it all, making it the first country that we began sharing our dream travel experience with people.

Fun and Affordable Travel

After the introduction of the Euro to Greece, rising travel costs forced us to put our adventures to the Mediterranean on hold for almost a decade. But as costs in Greece have dropped back to an affordable level, the gates are once again open for backpackers and we’ve resurrected our pilot trip with a few touch ups to once again boast an epic adventure through Greece!

Simply Beautiful

The birthplace of western philosophy and a intricate mythology of exotic gods, the ancient culture and history found in Greece is as captivating as anywhere on Earth. When gazing out upon the huge skies and island-speckled Mediterranean you can see how the Ancient Greeks were so inspired, and also how the Greeks of today maintain such a passionate way of life. This passion is perhaps most noticeable in Greek food, from homemade tzatziki to mouth-watering gyros to tender cheeses, the lifeblood of Greece is found in its exquisite cuisine. The sights and senses of Greece are intoxicating and it is easy to let your thoughts wander and your face smile as one day melts into another as you happily travel from one amazing place to the next in this beautiful and stimulating country.

Featured Adventures

20 Days

Beaches Beyond Beautiful

Ancient ruins, legendary islands, coastal white buildings, amazing food and shimmering beaches, the beauty of Greece speaks for itself

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Popular Q&A
Why is it difficult to travel by land in Greece?

The terrain, mountains and hills, makes it difficult to travel in Greece.

What does Greece use for travel?

Ships, beasts of burden, feet.

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