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September 10, 2018 – 05:26 am
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Everyone recognises Greece. From it's gods, to it's ancient architecture, to it's scenic and beautiful islands. We managed a quick stop on a cruise last year and decided we had to head back and discover more of Greece.

This time around we are hitting 5 lesser-known islands: Kythnos, Sifnos, Milos, Ios and Paros.

We finished our epic European train trip in Athens to attend TBEX Europe 2014 (travel blogging conference). While here Erin did a solo trip to Crete and Josh to Thessaloniki.

  • There is one lady in Crete determined to bring back the Cretan diet. And she is doing it from the very house she was born in. From the very oven her mother cooked in. And inspired by the very same love she remembers growing up with.
  • I recently spent 3 days in Thessaloniki situated along the north of Greece. There are few places in the world where the evidence of colliding empires is so vivid as this particular city. With over 2, 300 years of civilisation, this region has been home to ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and finally modern Greeks. I hope that if you didn’t know much about Thessaloniki before reading this, by the end the post you’ll have a better feel for the unique fusion that defines this city.
  • Spending a few days on Paros, Greece provided enough time to get an overview of this Cycladic island. But we didn’t expect that the highlight of our visit would be a secret bakery in the middle of nowhere that dished up the most delicious ice cream. Find out where we found it plus a lot more.
  • There was so much to do in Milos, Greece: beaches, catacombs, museums, swings, food and more. One particular beach was unlike anything we had seen before. In fact, we would consider it one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Find out which one.
  • Come with us as we explore Sifnos, the beautiful Cycladic island. From picturesque beaches to sky-high panoramas, this island has it all. But more than that, find out how it changed us in an unexpected way.
  • Ios, Greece has a long-standing reputation for frivolity, parties and alcohol. But that isn’t the complete story and there is much more to this island than meets the eye. Find out more.
  • Athens, capital city of Greece, is the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest eras of art, learning and philosophy. If you’re thinking about visiting Athens, find out how we got there, accommodation tips, how we got around, what we ate and more.
  • Kythnos is a relaxing Greek island with around 100km of coastline, and more than 70 beaches, many inaccessible by road. It is not slathered with tourists like Santorini. It's a completely different experience. And, like me, you may lose a piece of your heart when you visit. Come along and visit Kythnos with us.
  • In April and May 2014 we had the joy of visiting 5 beautiful islands in the Cyclades. I never expected to be so completely flummoxed by the raw, natural beauty of these heavenly locations. It was simply a life-changing experience. So come with me on a photo tour and get to know the hidden gems of the Greek Islands.
  • Greek food rapidly moved into number one position for my husband and came close to my undeniable adoration of Mexican. What was it exactly that made us fall in love? Well massive apologies in advance, but this is going to make your mouth water. Big time!
  • Like any major world city Athens can be hectic and overwhelming, especially when you mix in the local “organised chaos” way of doing things. But beneath its fast-paced metropolitan exterior is a city oozing with history, dating back thousands of years to the earliest civilisations, waiting to be discovered by you. If you are visiting Athens start with these top 5 things and you’ll be off to a flying start.
  • Join us on our food tour of Paros. With over half a million tourists visiting each year, Paros caters to a very wide range of tastes. The best food treasures are usually found off the tourist trail, in the smaller towns. So asking a local where their favourite place to eat is a good way to start your food journey.
  • Join us on our food tour of Ios! This island is widely regarded as the party island of the Cyclades, however it certainly is very family friendly as well. As such, the cuisine in tourist-centric locations are often aimed at delivering a taste of home wherever the tourists may come from. But if you know where to look, there are classic Greek food gems to be found.
  • Join us on our food tour of Milos! Many of the restaurants on Milos were designed with families and young children in mind by providing playgrounds and toys. These are a godsend for parents looking for a little peace and quiet. Being a bigger island than Kythnos and Sifnos, there were a wider range of cuisines available, however we were completely delighted to gobble down more beautiful Greek food. Much appreciated.
  • Join us on our food tour of Sifnos! Like Kythnos, there was an abundance of fresh, locally grown produce on Sifnos and it could be tasted on the plate. The time-tested traditions and mountains of love that went into each dish we tasted were evident. We were perpetually full on Sifnos, with so much delicious food available and so little time. Much appreciated.
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